Friday, 14 April 2017

Injury history charts

  • Cap Hit of Injured Players (CHIP) represents the per-game cap charge of a player missing a game through injury/illness, i.e. annual cap charge divided by 82 (data from the former, the former, the former and
  • There will be inconsistency between my numbers and “official” team man-games lost (MGL) figures due to teams' different reporting standards
  • Injury absence data I have used comes from the player profile pages on and
  • Figures generally exclude minor league players (at my subjective discretion) who are often on teams’ IR lists at the start of each season, but include anyone who gets injured while on the active roster during the season
  • Illnesses are included, but healthy scratches, suspensions, and absences due to “personal reasons” are excluded
  • “Retired” players still under contract (anyone who missed the whole year and has not played since, even if informal retirement had not been acknowledged at the time) are generally excluded unless status is still in doubt
  • Rates of evasiveness or non-disclosure reflect the proportion of total injuries/illnesses for each team described as "undisclosed", "upper body", "mid-body", "lower body" or "soreness".
  • Covid-related absences in 2020/21 and 2021/22 have been stripped out from the evasiveness numbers (as disclosure was mandatory). Cases of flu or other unspecified illnesses have also been stripped out. Each year's league average represents the unweighted average of each team's rate.