Sunday, 27 September 2015

CHIP frequency charts (2010/11 to 2016/17)

  • Cap Hit of Injured Players (CHIP) represents the per-game cap charge of a player missing a game through injury/illness. For ease of understanding in the frequency charts, unlike the game-by-game breakdowns elsewhere on this site, I’ve used annualised CHIP here, i.e. the sum of annual cap charges for each player missing. For example, $4m of annualised CHIP here could mean a game where one player with a $4m cap hit was missing, or two players each with $2m cap hits etc.
  • The charts generally show the distribution of total games in which that team fell in each of the CHIP bands shown (i.e. no/few injuries to the left, more injuries to the right), alongside the league average (including that team)
  • There will be inconsistency between my numbers and “official” team man-games lost (MGL) figures due to teams' different reporting standards
  • Injury absence data I have used comes from the player profile pages on
  • Figures generally exclude minor league players (at my subjective discretion) who are often on teams’ IR lists at the start of each season, but include anyone who gets injured while on the active roster during the season
  • Illnesses are included, but healthy scratches, suspensions, and absences due to “personal reasons” are excluded
  • Games missed by “retired” players still under contract (anyone who missed the whole year and has not played since, even if informal retirement had not been acknowledged at the time) are excluded

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